Инструмент BTM bayonet


BTM’s bayonet units operate on compressed air, are very robust, and feature a high degree of maneuverability. The unit’s name is derived from its handy bayonet action which allows an operator to unlock the unit and expand the opening to 1.5” [37.8mm] in order to clear a lip on a part. The unit will not operate unless it is in the closed (working) position, which maintains an OSHA compliant .25” [6.4mm] opening for operator safety. BTM can configure the unit to join a range of thicknesses or optimize it for a specific metal thickness. For increased flexibility, the punch and die are reversible within the unit allowing the Tog-L-Loc® “button” to form in either direction. Bayonet units can be ordered individually or as part of a complete kit which includes a booster, and 80” [2 meter] hose assembly.
  • Clinches a maximum total thickness of 3mm mild steel.
  • Operates with an Air/Oil Booster.
  • Reversible tooling (punch and die can be swapped to form the "button" on either side of the part.)
  • Unit can be opened to 37.8mm to clear a part flange.

Standard Units

Standard Bayonet units include the traditional unit, and an adaptable unit in which the customer determines the throat depth, and can select a die height.
bayonet_sm adaptable_bayonet_sm
Traditional Bayonet Unit Adaptable Bayonet Unit

Typical Part Configurations Compatible With Bayonet Units

10sj  11sj  12sj  13sj  14sj  15sj  17sj  18sj  19sj  23sj