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Tog-L-Loc® - Video Library

Tog-L-Loc Example

Tog-L-Loc® Example

A single Tog-L-Loc® joint is created to demostrate the joining process, then a pair of pliers are then used to demonstrate the strength of the joint. Allthought the sheet metal is bent and twisted, the Tog-L-Loc® joint remains stron and intact.

Tog-L-Loc FEM

Tog-L-Loc® FEM

A Finite Element Analysis of a Tog-L-Loc® joint being created. The analysis shows the flow of metal and the stress levels within the joint during the Tog-L-Loc® process.

Tog-L-Loc Clinching

Tog-L-Loc® Clinching

A part is assembled using a special machine solution.

Tog-L-Loc Clinching - 2 Joints

Tog-L-Loc® Clinching - 2 Joints

A part is assembled using a custom punch side stripper and a pair of Tog-L-Loc® 2 Blade Dies in this example.

Tog-L-Loc Clinching - 3 Joints at Once

Tog-L-Loc® Clinching - 3 Joints at Once

This video demonstrates a press creating three joints at a time in pre-painted material using a custom built joining solution.

Special System

Special System

Tog-L-Loc® is combined with piercing within a special machine to assemble an automotive brake pedal bracket in this video.

Storage Container Clinching

Storage Container Clinching

Tog-L-Loc® is used to assist in the assembly of storage containers.


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