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PLC-25 (100 Serie Pin Locator Clamps)


BTMs’ 100 Series Pin Locator Clamps are compact & light-weight units designed for high production. Pin sizes range from 6mm - 12mm, and feature a fixed pin with a retractible finger. Magnetic position sensors are available.

Standard Pin Sizes

plc25_6mm plc25_8mm plc25_10mm



plc25_clamps plc25_open





Clamping Force @ 5.5 BAR [80 PSI] 222N [50lbf]
Finger Travel 6mm [.24"] total.
(consists of 3mm rotational,
3mm straight line pull down stroke).
Bore Diameter 25.4mm [1.00"]
Cylinder Stroke 7mm [.28"]

Need a larger Pin Clamp/Pin diameter? Click here to see more.

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